Ideas for
Worship Leaders

The You songs are the purest, most intimate,
face-to-face expressions in musical form to God.  
These are bonefide "worship songs".  A You song
addresses God in the second person singular, (in
other words, "you") and is full of phrases regarding
his character, attributes, actions, and person.

The You Song is the destination of all congregational
and personal worship.  
God's very presence is where
you want to be. As a  christian, you  may begin with
songs of
testimony and declaration, but the You songs
take you to the inner courts where you  commune with
God.  Without the You song, there will always be a
sense of an incomplete worship experience.  Ah, you
were almost there, but not quite.

The most ideal form of a You Song contains no
subjective first person words like "I" or "we".  There
may be objective words like "me" and "us", but the
subject of the song is very clearly God.  He is the one
acting.  He is the one being.  The entire focus is on
him.  There are weaker versions that do contain a
mixture of "I/we" and "You", but they do not have
the same emotional and mental impact of the fully You

You Songs can be uptempo, mid-tempo, or slow.  As
long as the words are God-centric, the rhythm or
tempo is immaterial.  A worship song leader can use a
combination of You songs in varying tempos to create
an interesting and impacting worship experience,
where the members of the congregation lay aside all
their human efforts and bask in the person and power
of their God.  There are no expressions more
strengthening, encouraging, and stabilizing as
the You Songs.        
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This article was written in conjunction with the
Stairway Model of song selection and service order.
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