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A married couple is sitting in a counsellor's office.
There is distance, not only physically, but
emotionally from each other.  They are saying to the
counsellor, "we were once so close, but the loving
feelings are gone".   What is the best strategy for
the counsellor to take?

He could try the guilt trip and tell them, "Come on.  
Love each other.  That's what God would want you
to do".  But, that might only get their defenses up
and get him nowhere.  How about this:  He gently
takes them back to the time they first met.  He
helps them remember what attracted them to each
other in the first place.  He helps them work through
all the distractions of life, all the disappointments
and misunderstanding, and helps them fall in love
with each other all over again.

That could be a great strategy in the church as well
to take people back to their first love with Christ
and develop them into worshipers.  In your sermons,
rather than reminding them of their "duty" before
God, re-connect them with
who he is.  Refresh their
memory about his character and attributes, resisting
the urge to say, "So, that's why you are supposed to

Biblical worship is a relational thing, full of heart,
gratitude, honour, affection, and love.  We worship
the one we know (John 4:22).   The Holy Spirit
within believers is faithful to quicken them to
respond to the God they love.  
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