Ideas for Worship

There are a group of songs that we have
come to refer to as "Intention of Worship"
songs.  The main thought of these songs is "I
will worship", or phrases to that affect.  The
purpose of these songs is to express and
declare our determination to express our
love and
gratitude to God.  They awaken in
us the realization that we have the choice to
do so and that we are enabled to do so by the
Holy Spirit.  That is a very encouraging truth.

However, as church leaders, let's remember
that the "Intention to Worship" songs only
get individuals to the entrance of the place of
communion with God.  They get us to the
CHOICE to worship, but then, let's actually
DO it with songs that enable us to
face to face.
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This article was written in conjunction with the
Stairway Model of song selection and order.
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