For Lead
Pastors Only

Some Pastors have skills in music while others don't.  This can be
a significant issue, especially in a smaller congregation.  The
following are a few helps for any Pastor, but particularly for those
over smaller congregations:

"Exploring Worship" by Bob Sorge
"The Heart of the Artist" by Rory Noland
"The Thriving Artist" by Rory Noland
"The Worshiping Artist" by Rory Noland
"The Way of A Worshiper" by Buddy Owens
"Desiring God" by John Piper

"Leading Worship" by Paul Baloche
"Modern Worship Series" by Paul Baloche
"Face Down" Matt Redman (messages by Louie Giglio)

In smaller churches, there may be fewer musicians and singers.  
Those that are a part of the ministry may not be able to reproduce
the "image" of professionally recorded worship events.  
(Remember that there is often dubbing and editing taking place
with these video recordings).  The wise Pastor will guard against
unfair and unreasonable comparisons.

Websites: - affordable song charts and scores - free chord charts - teaching on worship/worship ministry - training resources

An important caution for the Pator who invites a guest to train the
worship team:  Make sure that the guest empowers the people.  
Anyone with exceptional skills can "wow" the team but may not
enable them.

One church where I had the privilege to serve sent 10 key
individuals from its worship ministry to a conference.  All
expenses were paid by the church.  It cost the church a great deal
but the benefit was definitely worth it.  The team spirit between
the worship pastor, worship leaders, musicians, and singers was
definitely strengthened.

A Final Word:
The more a Pastor invests encouragement and affirmation in his
team, the more he will see joyful, productive people in the worship

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