Ideas for
Worship Leaders

What a wonderful opportunity to put our prayers to
music. Prayer Songs can add an emotional depth to
our petitions, supplications, and intercessions.

A Prayer Song is very unique from a
Worship Song.  
Although it addresses God directly, there is an added
focus on our needs.  This is why, as worship leaders,
we have to be wise in the way we place them in the
song set.

We recommend that they be placed in close proximity
to the sermon and at altar times or response times.  
Try not to interrupt a flow of
vertical worship songs
with a Prayer Song, as it can take peoples' attention
off of the Person of God to a certain degree.

If you know the message of the sermon and can
choose a song to prepare people's hearts prior to the
message with a prayer song, it can be very beneficial.  
Or, even better, in response to the message.             
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This article was written in conjunction with the
Stairway Model of song selection and service order.
to view the Stairway Model.