Ideas for
Worship Leaders

Most Sundays do not pose a problem for worship
leaders when it comes to choosing songs.  However,
when special occasions come around, they can feel
very limited.

What does a worship leader do for songs on Mother's
Day or Father's Day, or any other day that we
celebrate in church?  Often, we look into the
hymnbook for ideas. For example, we might choose
"Faith of Our Fathers" for Father's Day.  Usually,
the selection is very small.  Or is it?

Allow me to suggest a different approach entirely:
Although it may be nice to flow with the topic of a
sermon or emphasis in a service, real worship isn't
about that.  Worship is about God.  In our singing,
God can be the subject of our thoughts, no matter
what the occasion.  The sermon or dramatization can
carry the burden of the occasion, freeing up the
worship leader to (dare I say?) actually lead in

Corporate worship is celebrating God.  Choosing
songs just because they fit a theme misses the point.   
Focusing on God's attributes and character can be the
pivotal point of every other part of the service, as
well as our lives.  We love one another because of
who God is.  We honour our parents because of who
God is.  We pray and encourage others because of
who God is.  We reach out to those in our
communities because of
who God is.

As a
pastor of a local congregation, I would not be
bothered if the song leader didn't sing a thematic
song.  In fact, we may also want to re-think what we
do during the Christmas season.  In December, we
often default to the "story" songs of Christmas.  
These are not
ideal worship songs.  Actually, if a
worship leader really searched, there are some
Christmas songs that are worship in nature.  They are
just not the most commonly used selections.  
However, on the whole, the traditional songs are

The bottom line is that a worship leader can never go
wrong with God-focused songs, no matter what is
marked on the statuatory or church calendar.
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