Ideas for
Worship Leaders

The object of worship in spirit and truth is God.  After
all, he was before any created thing.  He has no
beginning or end.  He knows all and is the healer of
every disease.  His greatness is not yet fully known
by mankind.  His beauty overwhelms all who look at
him.  His
love, his grace, his mercy, and his patience
are unmatched.

Yet, from day one, man has been tempted to focus on
self.  Yes, we made in God's image and, yes, we can
partner with him in incredible ways.  However, we are
distracted by our own image in the mirror and
have gazed on it far too long.  We forget who we are
to reflect.

God made man with an incredible level of ability.  
That's why it is truly an act of humility and faith to
give over control to God.  That's why Satan did not
have to threaten Eve.  Instead, he enticed her to
think about herself and to take her attention off her
Creator.  He convinced her and Adam, "who was with
her", to make decisions that did not include God,
leaning on their own sense of wisdom.

Bearing this in mind, the songs that we choose for
congregational worship are very important.  They can
truly exalt the majestic King of Kings or they can be
self-absorbed.  Singing a song in church does not
make it a worship song.  That is a misnomer.  We
could sing "Happy Birthday" and it would not be a
worship song, even though sung in church.

A song may be poetic, it may be profound, but it is
only a worship song if our gaze is placed squarely on
God and not ourselves.  An easy way to recognize a
worship song, in a grammatical sense, is to see God
as the subject.  He is the one clearly being or doing
something.  Conversely, a song, no matter how
attractive, that includes an inordinate amount of "I"
and "we" may not be a worship song.  The gaze must
be on God.
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