10 Call to Worship Songs
We have listed below 10 strong examples of Call to Worship Songs with links to find
audio and/or printed music online.  Let us encourage you in a couple of points at this

1)  For an explanation of how to use Call to Worship Songs effectively, please see the
Inviting Others to Worship.

2)  Declaration Songs also work very well as opening songs.  They are horizontal
songs declaring
who God is or what he has done.  Their predominant message is "He
is.." or "He has done...".  For a little more information on their use, see the article
Songs of Community.

10 Sample Call to Worship Songs:

Rise Up and Praise Him - Baloche
Come Let Us Worship and Bow Down - Doherty
Give Thanks - Henry Smith
O Worship the King - Grant
Come Worship the Lord - Talbot
Praise Him!  Praise Him! - Crosby/Allen
Sing to the King - Foote
To God Be the Glory  - Crosby/Doane
Ye Servants of God - Wesley/Croft
A Call to Worship - Saranpa

We appreciate your comments or song suggestions.